Reserving Space


  1. Determine what spaces will fit your needs.
  2. Complete room reservation form (below).
  3. Your request will be reviewed.
  4. If space is available, your reservation will be made and a confirmation will be sent.
  5. Some additional follow-up questions may need to be answered before your reservation is confirmed.

If you are interested in reserving space at the Phyllis J. Washington College of Education for events, please fill out the room reservation form below or send an email to

For more information, please see our Events Packet.

If you would like to request a College Sponsorship, applications are available here.

To reserve a space, please fill out the form below:

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The Phyllis J. Washington College of Education hosts a variety of events. The college has eight classrooms, three atriums, one rooftop deck and one auditorium. The spaces are primarily used for educational purposes, but can be reserved for events when not in use for academic classes. Depending on the purpose of your space request, there may be charges administered for the use of our facility.