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Our Mission and Vision

The University of Montana Mind-Body Lab is a self-paced environment designed to help University of Montana students, faculty and staff explore various resources for improving their MInd/Body/Spirit health.  It is also designed as an outlet to explore the connection between the mind and body through research, self exploration, speakers, and open classes.

What We're All About

Please stop by and see us!  The lab is located in on the first floor in McGill Hall, Room 114. New spring semester 2014 was the Mindful Resilience Training pilot Program for UM Veterans. The next MRT Program will be held in Spring 2015.  Please see the calendar page for more information or the contact page if you have any questions.  

Additionally, if you are an undergraduate or graduate student and have an interest in the mind-body connection and would like to become involved in the Mind/Body lab please either stop by or see the contact us page for more information on how to become involved in this new group on the University of Montana campus.