Library Media Program Admission

Library Media Endorsement applicants must be enrolled in a teacher education program or be a licensed teacher and have a minimum GPA of 2.75.

The application form is used by both the University of Montana-Missoula and the University of Montana-Western to determine eligibility for admission to the joint program and to each institution.

Both UM-Missoula and UM-Western contribute to the lineup of program courses. After gaining admission to both institutions, students enroll either simultaneously or alternately at UM-Missoula and UM-Western. Each semester, students register and pay fees at one or both institutions depending upon the unit offering the course(s) selected by the student.

Applicants select either UM-Missoula or UM-Western as their "home" institution by requesting an undergraduate degree admission status there; a non-degree admission status is requested at the institution not designated as the home institution. The endorsement will be recorded and any financial aid will be administered by the home institution.  Students are required to pass the Praxis test for Library Media Content to receive the endorsement from OPI.

Students who wish to apply to a master’s degree program should use this form and the UM-Missoula Graduate School application form. The graduate program requires additional application materials. Please consult that website for additional information.

Application Process

Assemble a complete application packet consisting of:

  • Application Packet for Admission to the Online Library Media Program.    Applicants should download the application, print, complete and mail to the address below. 
  • Transcripts. Enclose official transcripts of all enrollments at accredited colleges/universities other than UM-Missoula or UM-Western. If these documents are already on file at UM-M or UM-W, please note this on the application. Enclose unofficial transcripts of any enrollment at UM-M or UM-W (these are available online).
  • Application Fee. An application fee of $30 (check or money order made out to the University of Montana) must be included for students who have not previously enrolled at a unit of The University of Montana (UM-Missoula, UM-Western, Montana Tech, UM Helena COT).
  • Health Information. The Medical History Record Form is available as a pdf file by clicking here. Download the form, print it out, complete it and attach immunization documentation as requested. Immunization requirements as mandated by the State of Montana are implemented by The University of Montana prior to registration. Health information may be enclosed in a separate, sealed envelope within the application packet.

Submit the complete application packet at least two months in advance of the first semester to:

Anne Kish, M.L.I.S., Interim Library Director
Lucy Carson Library
University of Montana-Western
Dillon, MT 59725
(406) 683-7492