Professional Education Council




The Professional Education Council (PEC) is a University level committee. The Council is composed of delegates from all programs preparing teachers and other school professionals for P-12 settings at both the initial levels (baccalaureate-degree and initial-licensure programs) and advanced levels (graduate-degree levels beyond initial licensure) as well as P-12 school representatives. The primary purpose of the Professional Education Council is to provide governance for the Professional Education Unit (PEU), which are defined in National Accreditation standards as the college, school, department, or other administrative body with the responsibility for managing or coordinating all programs offered for the initial and advanced preparation of teachers and other school professionals, regardless of where these programs are administratively housed. Specifically, the Council will:

  1. carry out the work of the Professional Education Unit in keeping with its conceptual framework, mission, and goals;
  2. provide a means by which communication, collaboration, and coherence are insured across all programs at The University of Montana that prepare education personnel for P-12 school settings; and
  3. inform and influence policy related to education programs at the unit, university, and state levels.

The PEC will serve as advisory to the head of the University Professional Education Programs (the Dean of the Phyllis J. Washington College of Education) on accreditation matters of mutual interest, concern, or urgency.